Play at an Online Casino With no Deposit in Australia

Online Casinos are very popular in Australia, and lately this trend has been competing with another type of gaming that has been growing in popularity. This is due to the distribution that these games have through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The fact is that social gaming is a reality and has come here to stay. Let’s look at some facts that describe this trend. This is so big that has been competing neck to neck with popular pokies games.In Australiaonline-casino many casino sites offer to play at an online casino with no deposit,so you can enjoy your favourite games many time.

1. 50% of the social networking users and 34% of the internet surfers are reported to play social games. Such a huge percentage has created a boost in the social gaming industry.

2. Some social games need real cash to carry out transactions or buy virtual accessories. It has been noted that 15% of social gamers spend more than $25 per month on such accessories. 25% of the social gamers pay around $5-10 per month and 60% of the people pay $1-5 per month.

3. The US social gaming market is estimated to be around $5 billion by 2015. This growth is because of the inexpensive mobile and laptops available in the US market. Since high speed connections are also available easily in the US, social gaming is easier and fast.

4. Social games earn from various sources. There are 3 main sources of income for these games. 59.9% of their earnings are through sale of virtual goods. 20.5% of the income is through advertising. Advertisements slots are given to various companies. 19.6% of the turnover are through offers.

5. Gaming Developers and the Monthly Active Users (MAU’s). This trend shows the gaming developers and the users they get per month.

  • Zinga – 213,557,360
  • – 99,457,975
  • Wooga – 46,556,808
  • Social point – 38,987,966
  • Electronic Arts – 33,675,645

These are top social game developers that have such huge MAU’s. These companies are so famous because of the fact that they produce top-notch games that entices the user to play more.

6. Here is a list of the top 10 social games that are famous on social on the internet as well as social networking sites. These games have a proper story line and some great graphics that make them bestsellers.

Here is the list:

  • Candy Crush Saga – 36,755,272
  • Farmville 2 – 35,399,969
  • Texas HoldEm Poker – 34,094,642
  • Pet Rescue Saga – 27,491,799
  • Diamond Dash – 26,478,075
  • Dragon City – 22,779,581
  • CoasterVille – 19,601,022

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